Weiman Products LLC Goo Gone All-Purpose Cleaner  2195

Weiman Products LLC Goo Gone All-Purpose Cleaner 2195

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Tough cleaning problems are a cinch to solve with Goo Gone All Purpose Cleaner. This unique formula from Goo Gone, the No 1 brand for tough task removal, has natural citrus oils and d-limonene to combat the gooey and grimy problems throughout your house. Citrus power and scientific technology combine to solve your most difficult cleaning problems. Concentrated formula for powerful cleaning of grease and grime. Goo Gone All-Purpose Cleaner can be used in your kitchen, bath, garage, or anywhere you need a tough and effective cleaner. The formula is safe for surfaces and gets rid of the mess quickly and easily. The concentrated formula makes up to 10 gal (gallons) of general cleaner (dilute 1/2 c (cup) into 1 gal of water), and can even be used as a laundry pre-wash. The pleasant Goo Gone citrus scent provides a final touch of cleanliness and is non-toxic. Try it today for all of your cleaning needs. No. 2195: Size: 32 Oz., Product Form: Liquid Concentrate, Fragrance: Citrus, Pkg Qty: 1, Package Type: Bottle