PRIMESOURCE 4571820000000 lag-Screws
PRIMESOURCE 4571820000000 lag-Screws

PRIMESOURCE 4571820000000 lag-Screws

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Spax PowerLags Screws have a hex head with integrated washer and HCR-X (High Corrosion Resistant) exterior coating. Provides a new level of fastening efficiency and reliability to construction. Engineered specifically for demanding wood-to-wood structural applications, PowerLags feature patented thread serrations that eliminate pre-drilling and dramatically increase installation speed - requiring up to 40% less driving torque to increase installation speed. Fastener length stamp on the head provides convenient identification without measuring and aids on-site inspections. HCR-X Coating offers superior X-terior corrosion resistance when installed in treated lumber and is tested in coastal construction environments. All Spax PowerLags are building code listed and load rated, ICC-ES ESR-1782.

  • Spax Powerlags Screws Have A Hex Head With Integrated Washer And Hcr-X (High Corrosion Resistant) Exterior Coating