Shur-Line 55501SN  3/8-Inch Roller Cover
Shur-Line 55501SN  3/8-Inch Roller Cover

Shur-Line 55501SN 3/8-Inch Roller Cover

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3/8" Nap White/Knit Fabric Roller Cover has a 9" wide standard diameter. Releases paint 30-percent faster speeding up project time, allows easy clean up, paint sticks to the wall and not to the roller. Constructed with a high density knit fabric.

Shur-Line invented the first paint roller with a removable cover in 1945 and our-years of experience have paved the way for do-it-yourselfers and professional painters to achieve flawless paint application. Shur-Line's patented technologies continue to set the standard for quality paint rollers. Shur-Line invented the advanced technology of our thermo-bond process in which the roller cover fabric is thermally fused to the core. This eliminates adhesive failure associated with traditional cardboard and pvc plastic cores. Thermo-bond cores are tough and impervious to paint solvents and water. This results in roller covers that are virtually indestructible and roll smoothly every time. Shur-Line's proprietary fabrics use the proper fiber crimping for optimum painting performance. Knit fabric rollers can be used for the majority of jobs and rollers made with woven fabrics provide the smoothest finish for specialized applications. All Shur-Line rollers undergo an advanced finishing process that results in low linting and leaves a uniform paint finish. This exciting innovation provides smoother coverage, faster clean up, paint sticking to the wall and not to the roller.

  • White/knit fabric
  • Standard diameter
  • Feature: 9 inch wide
  • 3/8" Nap White/Knit Fabric Teflon Roller Cover
  • Has a 9" wide standard diameter
  • Teflon coating releases paint 30-percent faster
  • Allows for an easier clean up